To the Members of the Calgary Northstars Hockey Association (the “CNHA”),


Calling of a Special Meeting


We are hereby calling a meeting (the “Special Meeting”) of the Members of the CNHA that includes the following meeting particulars:

7:00pm, Tuesday March 30, 2021

Max Bell Arena Parking Lot


Resolution in question – “We hereby approve the bylaws of the CNHA that are attached to this notice and we direct the Secretary of the CNHA to file the new bylaws with the Registrar.”


Background to the Calling of a Special Meeting

We are writing to explain proposed changes to the bylaws of the CNHA (the “Bylaws”) as unanimously recommended by the CNHA board of directors (the “Board”).  Before we detail the specific additions and deletions, it is important that we explain how the current Bylaws came to be, and why they need to be changed.

The CNHA was governed by bylaws that came into force in 2005 (the “2005 Bylaws”).  In 2011 it was decided that the bylaws should be updated (the “2011 Bylaws”), however the 2011 Bylaws never legally came into force as the then current Board of Directors failed to file them with the Registrar – a necessary legal step.  In 2020, Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis asked the CNHA to ensure certain provisions were inserted into our Bylaws and the then current Board, not realizing that the prior Board had failed to file the 2011 Bylaws, asked the membership to approve changes to the 2011 Bylaws.  As a result, the changes requested by AGLC were never made to the Bylaws that were actually in force.

Given the issues raised by this historical review, the Board is asking for your approval to properly update the 2005 Bylaws.  Please review the proposed changes as included in this email and/or posted on the CNHA website.  We have commented in capital letters on all substantive changes, so you can efficiently determine why the proposed changes are being made. We have also included a copy of the 2011 Bylaws, which are currently in force. After you review our explanations of the changes to the 2005 Bylaws, please direct any questions to PolicyandProcedure@CalgaryNorthstars.Com.

Note that all Alberta Health Services rules will be followed, including social distancing and the breaking of participation into groups of ten or less people.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and we look forward to continuing to serve the athletes of the CNHA.




Amy Jepson (President) and Stephen Hayden (Director of Policy & Discipline)

On Behalf of Your Board of Directors


2021 Bylaws Clean

2005 Bylaws With Comments For Board Circulation





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