Northstars Cares- Players Giveback

Calgary Northstars is extremely excited to launch our Northstars Cares- Player Giveback

Please read the following media release.

Check back soon to see how well our teams are doing at reaching their goals!



Calgary Northstars Launch - Northstars Cares



Help from the comfort of your home! 


Families, friends and supporters of the Northstars can rally behind the newly launched Northstars Cares Program from the comfort of your own home.

The KidSport Recycling program has set up through their residential pick up program three unique codes to support the efforts of the teams and the charities they are aligned with.  Through your empties you can now support these efforts through a simple text message to 403-680-8776.  Once you have a bag or two ready you can text in with the code below and get your house on the list for the next pick up in your quadrant.  Pick ups are done safely with no contact or interaction required with the homeowner.  Just let them know when texting in if the location is somewhere other then outfront of your house. Then on the day of your pick up leave them out and the KidSport Recycling program will do the rest.

U15 - Superheros Program – add the code HEROS HH6039 to your text when requesting a pick up.

U18 and 21 – KidSport – add the code KIDSPORT KSC6040 to your text when requesting a pick up.

U16 - Flames Sports Bank – add the code Sport Bank  CFSB6041 to your text when requesting a pick up.

All empties donated with the codes above will be allocated directly back to those specific charity partners as part of our overall goals for Northstars Cares.