Fill Your Freezer Fundraising

The Calgary Northstars will be running a Fill your Freezer fundraising event from now until Oct 26th at 11pm.

Pick up will be on Nov 5th at 10:15am at Max Bell Arena .

You can choose from a variety of freezer items such as meat, perogies and spolumbos sausages and Coco Brooks pizza.

Please follow the link to our Association Fundraising Page

Calgary Northstars (

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*** Remember that if the percentage of profits (% of each product), in total exceeds $500 the excess will be placed in your player account to offset registration fees

The website automatically tracks all orders that are placed under your players name. A percentage of each product is applied to your individual players account and towards the players $500 fundraising commitment. To view the percentage of each product that is applied to your players account, select the picture of each food item. The percentage will be displayed along with details of the product. When your order is complete you will receive an email with the total purchase amount along with the exact amount applied to your players account.

Please reach out to Amy Nightingale via email    at if you have any questions