Scholarship Information

Darren Beatty Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Darren Beatty Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established to
encourage the pursuit of further education. The fund provides a one-time financial award to eligible current and former CNHA players registered at an approved post-secondary educational institute.

Awards will be determined annually by the CNHA Board of Directors to a maximum allocation of $5,000 per year. Awards in the amount of $500 each are presented to individual recipients.

The Scholarship Review Committee will consist of the Scholarship
Director and up to three (3) CNHA Board Members. This committee will be responsible for reviewing the applications and selecting those applicants that best fulfill the eligibility requirements. The committee will make their recommendations as to which applications will be supported at a meeting of the CNHA Board of Directors for approval.

A current or former player who has played a minimum of three (3) full seasons within the CNHA. The player has maintained good standing and fulfilled all obligations and expectations as established by both the teams played for and on behalf of the Association.
The player has demonstrated good sportsmanship and conduct on both the teams played for and on behalf of the Association.
Players must make their initial application within four (4) years of their last full season playing within the CNHA.
Players must be full time students and enrolled in a minimum course load as defined as full time within a post-secondary institute including a trade or apprenticeship program.

Selection Criteria-
Players must submit a one-page biography, which includes the following information:
Background information, which may include family information,
scholastic achievements, career intentions, hobbies, goals, volunteer activities and any other information you may wish to share.
Your contributions to CNHA, the teams played for, your coaches
and their impact, your position, and any awards, recognitions or
Players must submit a letter of reference from a teacher, coach or
Players must submit a confirmation of enrolment endorsed by the
Registrar of the player’s post-secondary institute.

Fully completed applications (see Selection Criteria) are to be
received by March 31 each year., and e-mailed to: with the subject line: Darren Beatty Memorial Scholarship Fund.

A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt. If you have not received a confirmation email please contact