Calgary Northstars Yearbook

Any questions regarding the 2020-21 CNHA Yearbook, please reach out to our yearbook coordinator Julie Farquhar



  • You will be expected to solicit a minimum $500 (+ $25 GST) worth of advertising per player,over and above the minimum amount and 70% goes back to your Northstars fees.


  • Due to COVID our timelines are slightly delayed, so your deadline for ads and money collected is the end of November this year; with yearbook delivery in February 2021.


  • Please make sure your player is available for their photos on Picture Day - Wednesday November 11th. Photo times per team will be sent out closer to that date.


  • The Yearbook Volunteers are streamlining the process for collection, tax invoices for sponsors, location to hand in the graphics etc. Currently NBI Solutions is creating a website that satisfies all those details and it should be ready shortly.


  • Each team will have a Yearbook Coordinator. That person will be the first place to turn to answer any questions you might have.

Advertising Sponsorship Letter

Click below for the Calgary Northstars request for advertising sponsorship letter, that plays may use to try and secure advertisements.

Sponsorship Letter

Introduction: Each year the Calgary Northstars Hockey Association publishes a full colour
yearbook. It acts as a keepsake for the players, coaches and managers. It is also a major
fundraiser for both the Association and individual players. Each player must sell a share of
advertising to ensure the continued success of the book. It will be available for distribution at the
end of the season. Each year we distribute approximately 800 Yearbooks around the city of
Calgary through players and sponsors.

Yearbook Content: The book will contain items such as: * Team photos * Individual player
photos and player profiles * Award winners from year previous * Editorial content, articles and
hockey material * Advertisements

Player Commitment: • All players/families must raise a minimum 0f $500 (+$25 GST) in
sponsorship. This $525 (GST included) per player advertising revenue will be allocated to the
Calgary Northstars Hockey Association to offset operating costs. • Any sponsorship money
raised over and above the mandatory minimum $525 then splits 70% percent of that additional
amount (less the GST) received back as a player credit towards their fees and 30% towards our
Northstars Cares and scholarship programs.

Potential Advertisers: There is an unlimited list of potential advertisers.
Some suggestions include: Convenience Stores, Department Stores, Fast Food Outlets, Dental
offices, Hairstylists/Barbers, Drug Stores, Sporting Goods Stores, Construction Firms, Grocery
Stores, Pro Shops, Business Associates, Car Dealerships, Soft Drink Companies, Friends/
Family, Retail Stores, Service Stations, Appliance Stores, Financial Institutions, Restaurants
Government Agencies, Service Industries, Skate Sharpening Outlets, Oil Companies, etc.

No Call List: Tuxedo Source for Sports - they Support the Calgary Northstars in other ways.

Ad Submission Deadline: The deadline for submitting your ads (to the website) and money
collection is NOVEMBER 30, 2020.
Early ad submissions are highly recommended and extremely helpful for the volunteers of the
yearbook. Start early and please submit ads and payment to your team’s yearbook Coordinator
as soon as they are complete. The highly coveted inside covers are awarded on a first come, first
serve basis. Currently only the back inside cover and the Back Closing page are available - the
other spots have been spoken for.

Advertisement Rates: All prices must include GST.


Colour  Ads                                                 Rate           GST                Total
Inside Front/back Cover (full)                  $900          $45.00           $945.00
Premium Opening/Closing Page (full)    $825          $41.25           $866.25
Premimum Open/Close Page (Half)       $595          $29.75           $624.75
Inside front/Back Cover (half)                 $650          $32.50           $682.50
Full Page - in the book                              $750          $37.50           $787.50
1/2 page – in the book                              $500          $25.00           $525.00
¼ page- ONLY portrait                              $250           $12.50           $262.50
1/10 page - Business Card                        $100           $5.00            $105.00
*If the ad is NOT a digital submission, there will be a $2.00/ ad high resolution scanning charge.