Thank you giving your all in our first phase of the CNHA tryout process. Your skill level and efforts made our coaches and evaluators job very difficult to create the AAA shortlist as well as the AA shortlist moving on to contend to make one of our AA or AAA teams. We had a consistent group of coaches and evaluators at every session and analyzed every single player after each of the 4 sessions to obtain as much data on each player to make the best possible decisions to this point.

Please check the website to see the AAA shortlist of 39 athletes still in contention for one of the 19 U15AAA spots. The other document is the list of approx. 60 players that are still vying for a spot one of our three AA programs. Those listed on the AA Shortlist (in groups 3,4,5) are no longer under consideration for the AAA program. Please note both Groups 1 and 2 are viewed as equal in the AAA process and Groups 3, 4, 5 are viewed as equal in the AA process. The numbers are the NEW numbers they will be given tomorrow not the number they were in the first phase.

Players that are on the AAA shortlist if released are eligible for a 2nd tryout within another association. As CNHA enters their top 40 phase we are also encouraged with the AEHL to offer outside associations a 2nd tryout if we see fit. We will not offer every player that applies a second tryout. Please note if a player receives a 2nd tryout with CNHA, in order to make the team, the player must be ranked as a top 6 F or top 3 D. We have such rules to protect Northstar athletes and their chances of making a AAA team.

If you do not see your name on any of the 5 groups, you will return to your community association and have been released from the CNHA tryout process. For community association tryout info please check your home association website for information in the coming weeks and contact your home association for details.

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